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Enacting Concept After John Baldessari - Throwing Four Balls in the Air to Get A Square
實現概念之 John Baldessari - 拋起四個球而得出一個正方形
Participatory realization of Baldesarri's Conceptual Photographic Work


This is an interpretation of the origianl conceptual work in 1972-73 by the American artist John Baldessari.  Participants are invited to throw four ping-pong balls into the air to "get a square", and take pictures of their attempts with an instance camera, either by themselves or an accompanying friend.  The resulting photographs then become a series of realization of an impossible task.  Perhaps, along our persistent attempts to "get a square", we could discover something else as a reward?


The original work by Baldessari -

Baldessari 的原作 -


這是一件慨念藝術大師 John Baldessari 於1972至73年創作的作品的演譯。你可以自己或找身邊朋友拋起四個乒乓球,直至你得出一個正方形。請你用相機好好拍下每一次嘗試,收集而來的相片便成為一組攝影作品了。你想像你要嘗試多少次才拍到一個正方形呢?在追求一個正方形的歷程中,你可有什麼發現?


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