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Worlds Between My Eardrums

Silent video, participatory sound interpretation project


Sound relates to us in different aspects - language, music, bodily experience, other senses, feeling, rhythm, movement, distance, time, memories, associations with situations, objects, people, danger... While some of these are personal and abstract, some are cultural even universal, relatable to us as long as we live in a world with sounds. But what if there are people in a parallel universe where there is no sound at all? How can we communicate and share sounds with them if they have never experienced hearing? Is it possible to talk to them about sound anymore? Beyond simply saying and describing the sound of rain as a physical event (bearing in mind people from soundless-universe would not know the difference between sound of rain and sound of sunshine), what else and how else could we say or do to share with them our experiences and relations with a specific sound?


This on-going project invites people to listen to field recorded sounds and encourage them to interpret and share them in their own ways with our special neighbours from a parallel universe.


Acknowledgement :

Original sound, Swing@Shek Kip Mei Central Payground, collected by Choi Tsui-yin


Interpretors: Eleen Chan, Michelle Chung, Thomas Kong, Jessie Lam, George Wan, Grace Yu



聲音從不同方面跟我們連繫上,例如語言、音樂、身體經驗、其他感官、感受、節奏、動作、距離、時間、記憶、情景聯繫、物件、人物、危險… 有些既抽象又個人,有些卻是文化背景構成甚至全球共通的,只要生活在有聲世界裡面便能關連上。但在一個無聲的平行宇宙裡,活在那裡的人會是怎樣理解聲音呢?我們如何跟沒有任何聆聽經驗的他們溝通,跟他們分享、談論聲音這回事呢?除了簡單描述和界定雨聲為一個物理事件(留意,雨聲和陽光普照的聲音對來自無聲宇宙的他們,是沒有兩樣的…),我們還可以怎樣去跟他們說和表現出我們對這種聲音的經驗和關係呢?





原聲採錄 - 蔡翠茵,擺動@石硤尾中央遊樂場


詮釋 - Eleen Chan, Michelle Chung, Thomas Kong, Jessie Lam, George Wan, Grace Yu

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solomon yu artist hong kong 余迪文 香港 藝術家 余廸文

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