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Cosmetics Artist Presents - Artist's Cosmetic Art

化妝藝術家呈獻: 藝術家的化妝藝術

Performance, video (video 14min approx)


As an on-site response to the exhibition, Market Forces at Osage Kwun Tong, a cosmetics booth was set up as part of the event Summer Pop-up Art Market, where I, the artist, used a computer as a negative mirror to prepare myself while interacting with audiences.  This interactive performance reflects on the becoming of an artist identity and at the same time, on its surroundings.  Life recordings of the event from the computer camera were then edited into a DVD.  Under the limelight of the art market and the media, there are times when one can no longer distinguish between the artwork and the artist.



作品於現場回應奧沙畫廊展覽Market Forces,在配套活動Summer Pop-up Art Market中設置了一個臨時化妝檔,即場與觀眾互動、表演。藝術家在電腦前試圖在倒置的屏幕上「準備」他的「藝術家身份」,電腦同時也把屏幕前的情景一一記錄下來。聲音和影像再被剪輯成錄像影碟套裝,映現藝術家身份與其環境之間的關係。當代藝術家面向藝術市場和媒體,其身份、個性和社交表現跟他的作品同樣重要,惟作品與藝術家,兩者有時實難以區分。

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