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Countdown 2014

倒數 2014

Animated gifs, series of 4, accessed via QR codes




This series is about accessing and revitalizing press photos from the past. The original images came from different parts of the Web. While each of them tells a story and records a fragment of an event, I wonder how they could be recalled for an extended discussion amongst wider topics and issues. These works are about the state of in-betweenness – Countdown and Puzzle reflect on our current condition at the 25th anniversary of the events happened in 1989, while Tear Cloud and Tear Cover are locked in a fixation on the next chapter.  Located within the web, the gifs could be accessed via QR codes through mobile phones, and they could be shared amongst online platforms.  At the same time, other QR codes on display would take viewers to the current sources of these images in the Web. 


在此系列中,我將一些從網絡搜尋得來的過去新聞圖片重新編制,為影像賦予另一種新生命。這些新聞影像原身各自講述一個故事,記錄事件中的一個片段細節。我嘗試把它們翻新再用,看能否從中延伸至更廣闊的討論議題。作品徘徊於一種似是而非的狀態:《倒數》和《拼圖》對照二十五年前(即一九八九年)與今天;《淚雲》和《撕面》則凝視著被封存了的下一刻。觀眾需要透過智能電話掃描展場內的QR三圍碼,連接觀看儲存於網絡上的作品。除此, 展場另有其他QR三圍碼讓他們發現,連接他們到那些新聞原圖在今天的不同出處。



Press photo credits and sources:

Countdown: Stuart Franklin, and  the other withheld by the Guardian

Puzzle: Thomas PeterGerard Malie

Tear Cloud: Yannis Behrakis

Tear Cover: Damir Sagolj


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