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DAY AFTER [2014. 9.29 - 12.12] 

翌日 [2014. 9.29 - 12.12] 

Double CD published by soundpocket 


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This is a collective album of the sounds of Umbrella Movement presented in the chronological order of the recordings from September 29 to December 12, that is, from the day after the police shot tear gas to the day after the clearance. "Aiming at collecting and preserving the first hand materials of the Umbrella Movement from the angle of sound, the investigation put together the sonic recordings and artists' testimony about their listening experiences in a bona fide social movement."  Other artists featured: Fiona Lee, Wong Chun-hoi, dj sniff, Samson Cheung, Wong Fuk-kuen, Tse Chun-sing, Steve Hui Ngo-shan, So Wai-lam, and Law Yuk-mui.

For more info, see soundpocket website .

Parrallel Universe - Clearance - Solomon Yu
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