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Hug Someone You Haven't Seen in Years
Participatory project in collaboration with Joe Yiu, Thomas Yuen, and artist members of the collective Make A Change, supported by RTHK as part of their TV programme Artspiration


This event is organized for participants to meet someone they have not seen for a long time but really want to meet again, and to invite them for a hug in the middle of a busy traffic. Contemporary urban living is very much filled with multi instant virtual greetings. What does it take for someone to stop at crossing the traffic and hug another person then wave him/her goodbye before rushing to finish the crossing, all within 30 seconds of the green-light?





solomon yu artist hong kong 余迪文 香港 藝術家 余廸文

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As featured on RTHK TV programme, Artspiration 好想藝術 , 14. 8. 2012, ATV 

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