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History Trail Listening & Field Recording Workshop

《教識徒弟有師傅 - 黃泥涌峽歷史徑》聽聆及採聲工作坊, 聲音圖書館

Public engagement with The Library by soundpocket


A two-day workshop specially designed for participants to experience two integral aspects of sonic art – listening and field recording. Walking along the WWII historical path at Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail, me and artist Kwong Wing-ka engaged in activities aimed at enhancing our listening ability, sensitivity, and imaginative power.


Try out this special walking exercise for listening together with friends at the Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail.


在《教識徒弟有師傅》連續兩天的工作坊中, 我和另一位藝術家鄺永嘉與參加者於香港黃泥涌峽軍事遺跡徑散步, 體會關於聲音藝術創作中的兩大重要元素: 聆聽與田野錄音, 並以互動的形式去實踐提升聽力和觸覺的活動, 探索我們的感知和想象力。你可以自己結伴一同嘗試這個散步聆聽練習:黃泥涌峽徑聲音研習

More information at The Library by soundpocket :


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solomon yu artist hong kong 余迪文 香港 藝術家 余廸文

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