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Other Sides of Evidence

A curatorial project at Osage Gallery, HK



Generally we believe that facts and evidence help establish the ‘what-has-been’, yet they are not accountable for a truth. The burdens of facts and evidence are in fact multifaceted. In recent years, ‘what is real’ or ‘what is the truth’ has become a popular enquiry, covering topics ranging from real universal suffrage, real childhood, mockumentary, reality TV, to realities and truths presented by the algorithm behind social media and search engine, and lately, Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year 2016, ‘post-truth’. If we see ‘evidence’ as data just obtained, then it is worth exploring what else they could answer besides a truth. While people demand the truth about things and appreciate realness in life, as creative agents we artists also explore aesthetic truths. We research on our subjects and then make use of the findings to create. This project begins with an invitation to the participating artists to explore how we negotiate between these parallel roles as contemporary artists - bearing responsibility for inquiring and observing reality and the truth, yet exercising our license to make believe and create. Each of us has been interested in and working on projects that point to the ‘what-has-been’. Encompassing topics related to past love from Swing Lam, traffic incidence from Eric Tsang, news broadcasting from Solomon Yu and public auction from Archive of the People (include memebers Lee Kai-chung, Grace Choi, Elaine Lin, Dorothy Wong and Wu Jiaru), the works offer fictions, poetry, doubts, inquiries, alternatives, new knowledge, even actions that simultaneously intervene real life. Other Sides of Evidence invites further discussion about creative possibilities atop of exploring a truth.

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確據的其他面向  網址 

我們一般認為可以透過事實和證據確定曾經發生了的事,但它們其實是有其他面向的,並且不須對真相負責。近年公眾熱烈討論什麼是「真確」、哪些是「真相」,涉及的範疇廣泛,從真普選真童年、偽紀錄片真人秀,到社交媒體和搜索器經運算後呈現的現實和真相,及至2016年牛津字典年度詞彙「後真相」等。所謂「確據」其實只是一些可獲取的資訊數據,除有助指向一種真相,它們的其他面向可能更值得我們思考探索。人們探求事物的真相,欣賞和享受真確的生活。而作為富有創造力的能動者,藝術家也探求美學中的真實。同樣以「定立對象、收集資料、進行研究」作為起點,我們透過創作把當中發現的東西轉化。這個展覽邀請參與的藝術家探索和觀察現實確據的同時,行使他們的特權進行多樣的創作,作品指涉的往事包括 : 林兆榮的逝去感情、曾梓洋的道路事故、余廸文的新聞報導及藝術單位人人檔案 (成員包括 : 李繼忠、蔡翠茵、林亦凌、黃加頌和吳佳儒) 的公開拍賣―― 當中展現了詩詞小說、懷疑提問、或是與真相並存的平行現實、超越常理的新知識、甚至是一種直接介入當下實況的行動。「確據的其他面向」在此作為一個引子,邀請大家一同討論探究真確及藝術創作兩者關係的多樣性。

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