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Return of the Dead – Double Portrait of My Youthful Parents

重返陽間 – 年青父母的雙肖像

Painting and multi-media installation with sound


This is a large oil painting that portrays a portrait of my mother and father forty years ago set inside a deserted living space. Painted to resemble an oversized colour negative the work transforms itself when it is viewed through the computer monitor positioned in front with its negative mode switched on. Two opposites simultaneously present themselves – reality and the reality depicted in the computer screen. Helped with the background sound of bird calling,  we are transposed to another time and space where my parents were still a loving couple. When we choose to look at the “original image” of the double portrait on screen, we would be turning ourselves into negative at the same time, like a price one has to pay for the return of the dead.

Bird calling : Devitt Koon





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Sound installed inside venue - credit - bird calling by Devitt Koon
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