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Silent Waves

裊   裊

Sound composite*


Being quiet is not the same as being still
if one could experience roars of a rough sea in a Turner
or feel the crush from the soundlessness of a Rothko
perhaps singing of cicadas could spike as harsh as the midday sun during summer
while sounds from a rice steamer could teleport one into a misty rural village



* As part of my guest curation project for The Library by soundpocket, below sound recordings from The Library were used to compose this title sound for the online exhibition :

Kwong Wing-ka, Corn Rain 穀雨
Fiona Lee, Light Bulbs and Electromagnetic Sounds 出發點 - 燈泡有沒有聲音?
Wong Fuk-kuen, Steam from the Cooker 飯煲水氣
Kwong Wing-ka, Corn on Ear 01 芒種
Rika Wong, Paper Airplane 02 紙飛機

Silent Waves - 裊 裊
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