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Silent Waves

裊   裊

A curatorial online exhibition project with The Library by soundpocket



Being quiet is not the same as being still

If one could experience roars of a rough sea in a Turner

Or feel the crush from the soundlessness of a Rothko

Perhaps singing of cicadas could spike as harsh as the midday sun during summer

While sounds from a rice steamer could teleport one into a misty rural village

This is my curatorial project with The Library by soundpocket, in which 9 local artists develop creative works with existing materials in The Library. We have listened to books, read sounds and pictured images, and have traveled to various unfamiliar and abstract locations in our city, experiencing boredom, confusion, and also the excitement of discovery and surprises.  The results of our exploration are presented in a website designed by the local design company, MAJO DESIGN.


Silent Waves @ The Library by soundpocket

裊   裊 @ 聲音圖書館 -


Online Exhibition Launch and Artists’ Sharing Event

網上展覽開幕暨藝術家分享會 @ KUC Space -









「裊   裊」 爲聲音圖書館客席策展計劃之一,九位視覺藝術家透過探索聲音圖書館的現存材料,各自發展出各類型的藝術創作。我們沿途聆聽圖書,閱讀聲音,思考影像;我們遇到城市生活中不知名的一角,不熟悉的地方;既有納悶失落的時候,也有驚喜趣味的發現。網展平台設計:MAJO DESIGN.




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solomon yu artist hong kong 余迪文 香港 藝術家 余廸文

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