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Sound Of Image


A curatorial project at Cattle Depot Artist Village, HK



This is an investigative exhibition project I curated to explore about the links between audio description and visual arts, and how audio description, facility targeting the visually impaired, can help enrich aesthetic experience for all people. The project received the Emerging Artist/Curator Grant from HKADC, and was supported by the ADAHK Jockey Club Accessibility Service Centre as its accessibility partner. Sixteen artists participated in the project and joined a 2-part workshop before embarking on a creative exploration of audio-description making for their own artwork.  The results were presented in a 2-part show in which only audios were presented in part 1 to provide visitors a unique listening experience in Cattle Depot before they could encounter the physical artworks in part 2. Extra audience engagement activities included inviting students to visualize the artworks their had only listened to by drawing, providing visitors with blindfolds to experience the exhibition via only listening and touching, and a public sharing session.





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solomon yu artist hong kong 余迪文 香港 藝術家 余廸文

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As featured in RTHK programme  -  Artspiration 好想藝術  on 1.1.2014, ATV  

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