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Transparent Skylight Series


Digital Print


The checkerboard in Photoshop is designed to operate as a signal reminding users that the image they are working on is having ‘holes’ in it.  The checkerboard itself is not an image-object, doesn’t carry meaning, couldn’t even be printed out on paper, but a virtual background that implies emptiness and potentials. Its visibility stands in for transparency in an image-object, gives forms to the deleted items, invites further intervention and opens up new possibilities.

Photoshop 製圖軟件中的方格圖其實是一種示意,提醒用戶他們正在處理的圖像開了天窗。方格圖本身不是一個影像物件,它不負載意義,甚至不會被打印出來。作為虛擬的背景,它示意著空缺也暗示無限可能,替代著影像物件中透明的空間,讓被刪除了的事物有個形狀,引人進一步介入,開拓新的可能。

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