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Travel Light

Curated group exhibition, Federation Square, Melbourne




Believing that good artworks and interesting ideas could travel far and light without incurring massive transportation costs, insurance, and packaging wastes, I had curated a guerilla-style exhibition for my travel to Melbourne, Australia.  20 Hong Kong emerging artists showcased their artworks in the format and size of A4 in this exhibition hung along a string in Federation Square, Melbourne, on 17 December 2010.  They include Dunet CHAN, Meihin CHAN, Wing Fung CHAN, Sandra CHUNG, Blanche HO, Richard Ho, Koko KO, Irene LAU, Rocky LAU, Jessie LAM, Teresa LEUNG, Dorothy NGAN, SIU Kam-Han, Amy TAI, Anthonio WONG, Yokky WONG, YIM Sui-Fong, Joe YIU, Solomon YU, and Thomas YUEN.

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