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Mar - Jun 2023

Participating in the group exhibition Round-A-Bout presented by Technically Brilliant Gallery, Warrington, U.K.

I am excited to be presenting 2 oil paintings in the series "Staycation" in this open call group exhibition under the theme Round-A-Bout, jointed by other talented artists from the U.K.


Feb - Mar 2022

Curatorial project, We Don't Have The Answers 無知學堂, presented in 2 stages at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre and online 

The project is conceived from many questions originally asked by myself and my artist-educator friends - questions like "what types of art should students learn?" and "who should decide that?"  Together with teaching artists, Doreen Chan, Cheuk Wing Nam, Thomas Yuen, myself as well as members of the Non-visual Photography Workshop presented by Art with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, we explore and respond to issues amongst art, audience and learning, crossroads between being knowledgable, perceptive and ignorant.

In the 1st stage of presentation from 7 to 27 Feb, artworks from 8 members of Non-visual Photography Workshop are displayed in JCCAC.
All artworks including those from the remaining 4 artists will be presented on our website, to be launched on 12 March. 

The project is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Platform Zero, and is represented in partnership with Art with the Disabled Association Hong Kong.

Please check out our Facebook page @ wdhta for more details and interaction.

19 - 20 Nov 2021

Leading the Making Workshop "Colourful Date at M+  為你的M+約會添上色彩" to celebrate the grand opening of M+, Hong Kong's new museum of visual culture at the West Kowloon Cultural District

Invited by M+, I have designed this creative workshop for the public to join up as pairs, and together with members of M+'s Youth Collective, we go on a date at the museum, wearing special viewing devices we have just created to experience the colours used in the artworks.  Findings are then re-interpreted to create some colourful Personal Enhancement Accessories (PEA) as unique wearable souvenirs. 


The Poetics of Blockages poster_edited.j

4 Oct - 31 Nov 2021

Supporting HKDI Department of Communication Design's exhibition The Poetics of Blockages  堵物 ‧ 詩人, at D-mart, HK Design Institute

Invited as curator-in-residence, I supported the HKDI to present this VTC Design Alumni Joint Exhibition, in which alumni and current students showcased artworks inspired by the life story and creative works of the "Plumber King".  For more info, check out their exhibition facebook page here.

Morning Stroll at Home

3 May 2020

A short video for RTHK's TV programme Artspiration 好想藝術, for their Artists Staying at Home 好想藝術留在家 series during the COVID19 pandemic, broadcasted on 3 May at TV channel RTHK31

Check out the video A Good Morning Stroll《早安、晨之遊》 , uploaded to their Artspiration 好想藝術 Youtube / Facebook page. You can also find what other HK artists have doing during the stay-at-home period on TV channel RTHK31 every Sunday 10:50pm, or later at the above website.


25 April, 2 May 2020

Co-hosting with Sofoolbid's Thomas Yuen a 2-part online talk, Visual Arts and Culture with Me 視覺藝術文化與我, presented by Arts with the Disabled Association HK (ADAHK) 香港展能藝術會

As part of ADAHK's train-the-trainer programme, we led this 2-part online interactive talk to look at how disability had been part of visual arts and culture in different time periods as well as our daily life. You can view the recordings as below -

Part 1 圖像與價值觀  focused on how values about disability were embedded in images;

Part 2 展能與創作  explored how disability enabled art making and vice verse. 

Find out more about ADAHK and Sofoolbid's from their respective Facebook pages.

IMAG0386 cropped.jpg

Dec 2019

Music video for song, Boisy Nova, by HK indie band Teenage Riot 青年暴動, in collaboration with Thomas Yuen 

MV at Teenage Riot Youtube Channel - 

Check out their 2nd full album Mother Father Peace and Love at -

Of Time and Dust Key visual.jpeg

29 Aug - 8 Sep, 2019

Participating in Of Time and Dust, at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong 

In this 9 artists joint exhibition, I am presenting my current participatory work Tell Me About That Cardigan, and another piece from 2013, Colour Standards for an Absurd State. How do we face the fact that we are now living under authoritarian state yet not surrender to it? I want to revisit the agency in our imagination as well as the genuineness in the words we say.

17-19 May, 2019

Supporting Hong Kong Open Printshop in presenting Hong Kong Fine Print, at HART Hall, H Queen's, Hong Kong

As Project Manager, I am supporting Hong Kong Open Printshop (HKOP) to present Hong Kong Fine Print - the first art fair in Hong Kong dedicated to the promotion of fine prints and graphic art. Showcasing over sixty works published by HKOP as well as donated by artists, the exhibition will bring together works on paper from 30 leading and emerging artists. Proceeds of this edition of Hong Kong Fine Print will go towards the hosting of international printmaking conference IMPACT 11 in September 2020 in Hong Kong.

For more info about the exhibition, visit their facebook page here


18-26 May, 2019

Participating in In Search for Invisible Memory - 6th Hong Kong Touch Art Festival 第六屆香港觸感藝術節 - 非視覺回憶, at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong 

"We use our sense of touch on a daily basis, yet its possibility as a medium for art appreciation is often neglected, especially in the visually dominated culture. Touch art is an art form that tries to embody those possibilities." Invited by Centre For Community Cultural Development to join the 6th edition of this festival focusing on the art around touch and the tactile sense, I have created a non-visual fitting room, and invited audience to try out 2 pieces of garments. "Visitors are encouraged to put aside their usual art appreciation experience and use other senses to explore the alternative side of our collective memory."

15 June - 9 Sept 2018

Curatorial project, A Good Waste of Time 耍樂是青年, at Oi! 油街實現, presented by LCSD, Hong Kong 

After 2 years in the making, my curatorial project, which was invited by Oi! as part of the Sparkle! series, will go on show this summer.  The creative project team includes playful artists Cheuk Wing-nam, Moss Ho, Koko Ko, Lau Ming-hang, Rogerger Ng and Thomas Yuen, each presenting individual work while collaboratively put together a play space that is filled with exciting games, humour and surprises.  Not the usual exhibition one might expect, we hope the playful experience will bring visitors new energies, inspirations and discoveries during this journey of play.

More info about this exhibition, visit our website here .

12-15 Aug 2018

Participating in M+ Summer Camp 2018: Far Out  M+ 夏令營 2018 ─ 非非


I am excited to be invited by M+, the museum for visual culture, to join this year's M+ Summer Camp as artist instructor, and so looking forward to having a creative and awesome time with 100+ teens and university volunteers in the breathtakingly beautiful site, HKYFG Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp, at Tai Mong Tsai, Sai Kung.  Other artist  instructors from different creative disciplines include: Doreen Chan, Alan Cheung@One Bite Design Studio, Hung Fai, Kongkee, Fiona Lee, Annie Wan, Wong Siu-pong, Renatus Wu, with sharing by SiaHungMo, Banana Effect and Adonian Chan.

For more info and activity highlights about this edition of M+ Summer Camp, visit their website here .

3-6 June, 2018

Participating in Translation Zone(s): Constellations Hong Kong, at Dr. & Mrs. Sze Chi Ching Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Invited by curator Dr. Heather Connelly, my collaborative work Essences of Watching Soaps (2011, with Jimmy Chan and Eddie Cheung) participated in this exhibition as part of the programmes in the International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) 6th International Conference in Hong Kong.

For more info about the exhibition, visit Translation Zone's website here

Nov 2017

Residency and presentation of It's Neither 兩面都不是 at Intermission 中場休息, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

This November I have this rare opportunity to take part in this short term city-centre art residency at the temporary art space, Intermission, in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. As suggested by its name, Intermission is a place for a break, to breathe, to reflect, to prepare, before the next chapter resumes.  I pull out all my old magazines collected from the 90s to relook at images from the past - be they political, lifestyle, cultural, and manually cut out items by colours. I am curious how this formalistic intervention in printed images would inspire me on the negotiation between image's form and narration. Its outcomes, It's Neither, was presented at the end of my residency.

For more info about Intermission, visit their facebook page.

Published April 2017

Preparation for curatorial project as part of Sparkle! Series 火花! 展覽系列 2017-18 at Oi! 油街實現 Hong Kong 

Invited by Oi! as one of eight guest curation projects in the 2nd Sparkle! series, I am preparing an exhibition project, working with participating artists from Hong Kong, including Cheuk Wing-Nam, Moss Ho, Koko Ko, Thomas Yuen, as well as Lau Ming-hang as exhibition spatial design and Rogerger Ng as visual concept and design. We are working to extend our creative practices and collaboratively explore PLAY and INTERACTION as the core engagement with ‘young’ audiences.  To be presented in June 2018 at Oi! art space, the installation-based exhibition aims to invite visitors to rediscover their humour, energy, senses and curiosity to new knowledge in everyday life.  The project is presented by LCSD, Hong Kong. 

6 – 25 Feb 2017

Curatorial project, Other Sides of Evidence  確據的其他面向, Osage Hong Kong


A curatorial project in which I have worked with artists Lam Siu-wing, Eric Tsang and the art group Archive of the People to explore these parallel roles of contemporary artist citizen – bearing responsibility for inquiring and observing reality and the truth, yet exercising our license to make believe and create.  The project is sponsored by Platform Zero, with venue sponsored by Osage Art Foundation, and supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. 

For more details, visit our website here.

July – August 2016

Curating Edwin Lo's solo exhibition, Traces and Scenes - Homage to Akio Suzuki 羅潤庭個展《痕迹與情景-向 鈴木昭男 致敬》, presented by soundpocket, at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, US


Invited by soundpocket, I have worked with sound artist Edwin Lo for more than a year as curator to prepare his solo exhibition in Chicago, his first in the US. The show features a body of new works by Lo, who pays homage to the Japanese artists Akio Suzuki's art while continues his exploration into a performative installation with the subjects of seascape, memory, sonic experiences and the open environment. The project is supported by the non-profit, artist-run organization Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, and Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Visit Edwin Lo's website to find out more about his art and the show.


19 May – 15 Jun 2016

Participating in No References - A Revisit of Hong Kong Video and Media Art from 1985  沒有先例:一次重塑香港錄像和新媒體藝術敘述的嘗試, Cattle Depot Artist Village


As part of this survey show presented by Videotage and curated by Su Wei and Phoebe Wong, I am showing my on-going project which was inspired by an extensive VHS tape collection belonging to an owner who recorded hundreds of Hong Kong TV programmes from the 80s to the 2000s. The work-in-progress of the digitalization of the contents inside those VHS tapes and the story behind the tapes' owner will be presented in an installation.  Other participating artists include Chan Kwong-wah, Bryan Chung, Luke Ching, Doreen Etzler, May Fung, Phoebe Hui, Kum Chi-keung, Ip Yuk-yiu, Linda Lai + Floating Projects Collective, Lam Miu-ling + Yu Ka-ho, Albert, Keith Lam, Lily Lau, Jamsen Law, Jo Law, Otto Li, MMI, Mo Man-yu, Ellen Pau, Winnie Soon + Helen Pritchard, Jeffrey Shaw, John Wong, Samson Young and Danny Yung.


28 Nov - 6 Dec 2015

Curatorial project, What Unimaginable Forms  怎樣的想 > 象, Comix Home Space


A curatorial project in which I have worked with 12 other artists, sharing thoughts and ideas and exploring "imagining", in relation to "knowing", as a creative inspiration and an aesthetic experience.  The resulting "works" are included in this exhibition together with a conceptual photographic piece by the American artist, John Baldessari.  The project is sponsored by Platform Zero, with venue subsidised by Hong Kong Arts Centre, and supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

For more details, visit our website here.

Launch at Nov 2015

Featured in the double CD, DAY AFTER  翌日 [2014. 9.29 - 12.12], published by soundpocket


This is a collective album of the sounds of Umbrella Movement presented in the chronological order of the recordings from September 29 to December 12, that is, from the day after the police shot tear gas to the day after the clearance. Funded by a Fringebacker campaign and published by souncpocket, this album began as a field recording investigative project initiated by The Library by soundpocket in 2015. "Aiming at collecting and preserving the first hand materials of the Umbrella Movement from the angle of sound, the investigation put together the sonic recordings and artists' testimony about their listening experiences in a bona fide social movement."  Other artists featured: Fiona Lee, Wong Chun-hoi, dj sniff, Samson Cheung, Wong Fuk-kuen, Tse Chun-sing, Steve Hui Ngo-shan, So Wai-lam, and Law Yuk-mui. The album is available for purchase at soundpocket and ACO Book .

Hear a mashup version of the sounds you will find from the album in this campaign video -

19 Nov 2015

Participating in Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.02, Floating Projects


On the Southen Island Art Day, I teamed up with 9 other artists using everyday objects and music instruments to generate improvised sounds, mechanical waves and action jams.  Spatial Pressure Calibration 據點空間壓力測試  is a series of  non-theatre-non-concert-installation-event-situation-x, irregularly happens in this exciting  experimental art space in Hong Kong, the Floating Projects in Wong Chuk Hang. 

4-12 June 2015

Participating in One To One  壹對壹 , Comix Home Space


After Melts Into Air (2011) and Of The Time (2013), the last part of the exhibition triology curated in turn by the creative trio, Jimmy Chan, Eddie Cheung and myself, is to be presented in Comix Home Space.  The show explores the ideas of audienceship - specifically to whom artworks are targeted.  Beside the presence of a collaborative work in the venue, each artist will have their own time slots to present their own pieces.  I am presenting two Public Engagement Workshops during my slots and inviting visitors to join me to sit down, listen, and reflect...

Launch at June 2015

Guest Curation project, Silent Waves  裊  裊  with The Library by soundpocket


In this curation project of mine, 8 visual artists and I have each developed a creative work after we have explored the existing materials in The Library by soundpocket.  While we are not sound artists, we are drawn together by a shared interest in exploring sound materials, the act of listening and this online sound library from Hong Kong for new artistic inspirations. The resulting pieces along with each of our explorations will be included in a mini-website.  Participating artists include: Eddie Cheung, Johnwell Chua, Kong Yiu-wing, Lau Wang-tat, Stephanie Sin, Siu Kam-han, Tam Ka-wing, Thomas Yuen and myself.


Visit online exhibition, Silent Waves 裊  裊  -

Oct - Dec 2014

Post-its on 'Lennon Wall' and sound from 'Harcourt Village' 


I am useless in taking pictures and documenting events while I am involved in the actions myself.    Only in quieter time during the so-called Umbrella Movement I would walked around the protest zones and tried to soak it all in.  The ambient sound on Harcourt Road in Sunday morning around 6am gave me strength and the colour bleeding of the writing on thousands of post-its people put onto a wall outside the government building moved me the most.  Some of the petitions and messages were still legible while others, after being exposed to the weather for weeks, were returned to substances and forms.  Long journey ahead.

6am @ Harcourt Village -
00:00 / 00:00

16 Nov 2014

Field trip sound recording, Tung Ping Chau 東平洲, with soundpocket


Together with a group of Hong Kong artists, I had joined this field recording workshop organized by soundpocket with sound artist, Yannick Dauby.  We explored listening, perception and imagination through different sounds (of nature and machines) in this trip to Tung Ping Chau, an offshore island located in the northeast corner of Hong Kong.  


Read / listen more about this from The Library by soundpocket.

25 Sept - 25 Oct 2014

Participating  in Objet a: Solitude  戀物癖之 獨處, West Bund Art & Design Fair, Shanghai


Hong Kong artist Thomas Yuen and I have collaborated and presented a "special" product for this exhibition exploring solitude as a sentiment of contemporary middle class China.  Our piece, Into Everyday's Consciousness 《寂歷日常》, is comprised of a video installation and the products made with different materials.  It attempts to deal with such contemporary problem with a creative approach...


Read more from co-curator, Sunnie Chan -!about3/c1t7l

5-30 Sept 2014

Featured in Intimacy, Mediated  親密,傳送中, Osage Gallery, Kwun Tong


I am featured alongside 2 other brilliant young artists Sunday
Lai and Eric Tsang in this experimental project by Osage Gallery. "Stemming from the questions of how we create, consume and relate to images in the digital age and how we position the personal in a consumer society," stated curators Chloe Chu and Yohsuke Ishizuka, "Intimacy, Mediated is an attempt to understand and leave an open question as to the transformations imposed on intimacy and its direction towards mediation".   



4-6 Jan 2014

Help police prevent 33 barricades from theft at Percival Streel, Casueway Bay


I came across these metal barricades in CWB and wondered why thy were still occupying our streets 4 days after New Year's Eve.  Suddenly I just had this urge to keep them there as long as I could, so I rushed to buy some plastic straps and tied them down to fences along the street.  If police did come and challenge me, I thought, I would say I was being a good citizen and helping to prevent them from theft. They were all tied there for nearly 3 days until workers finally brought cutters to reclaim them.

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